HOOF Program

(Horses Offering Outstanding Futures)

WETRA’s HOOF program is developed for youth who may be facing barriers in life. It is also a offered as a valuable alternative program for those who cannot, or do not wish to ride. The program is designed by our Therapeutic Riding Instructors and Program Director with input from the client’s family and referring professional as needed.

This team will develop individual and group activities that include participation, cooperation, problem solving, etc. While participants in this program do not ride, they can expect creative sessions when working with horses.

While building emotional and social strengths to make responsible decisions they will gain the ability to manage anxiety and stress along with the changes that occur in their daily lives.

The activities promote a sense of confidence and encourage the student to reflect on them self and the needs of others.

WETRA and its horses offer a safe, motivating, and non judgmental environment for individuals to work towards self-improvement and a healthy well being.