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EACPT (Equine-Assisted Cognitive Processing Therapy) Program

The Equine-Assisted Cognitive Processing Therapy program (E.A.C.P.T.) is a program for first responders, aimed at helping facilitate growth and recovery from Operational Stress Impact and Injuries. Connecting horses with individuals, our goal is to have participants learn coping mechanisms and improve emotional and cognitive health in a positive and safe learning environment. The activities promote a sense of confidence and encourage the participant to reflect on themselves and the needs of others.

The Windsor-Essex Therapeutic Riding Association and its horses offer a safe, motivating, and nonjudgmental environment for individuals to work towards self-improvement and wellbeing. Our qualified and credentialed staff, together with a Frontline Resilience supervising Psychologist help people realize their individual potential through Cognitive Processing Therapy delivered in Equine-Assisted format.