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Group Visits

WETRA is proud to offer farm visits to businesses, organizations and institutions across Windsor-Essex.

While group visits do not include riding, participants can look forward to a variety of interactive team-building activities designed to engage groups of all ages. Individualized curriculum planning allows our staff to target the areas of need for each demographic with input from the group’s organizer.

These educational experiences promote conversation/participation, reduce stressors, increase self-esteem and leave participants feeling empowered.

Group visits are scheduled both on and off-site. On-site visits to the WETRA facility run 1.5 hours in length at a cost of $30/participant.

Off-site visitations are for therapeutic or educational purposes only and are reserved for special circumstances in which participants are unable to make the trip to the farm. The fee for off-site visitations is $300 for 1.5 hours.