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Therapeutic Riding Sessions

2021 Spring Session Calendar

2021 Winter Session Calendar

Therapeutic riding lessons provide individuals with disabilities and special needs the opportunity to ride horses.

Lessons are taught by riding instructors certified through CanTRA, PATH International and/or OEF. Instructors adapt their teaching methods and equipment to each student. The focus of lessons is to develop riding specific skills and play mounted games, while in a safe accessible leisure setting. The goal is to have the student control or influence the horse’s movement, speed, and direction by using verbal (or adapted) cues, reins, and/or physical cues.

Physical benefits include improved fitness, increased balance and coordination, and improved strength. Social and emotional benefits include participation and interaction with peers, increased self-esteem and confidence, and decreased stress. Riding is fun and relaxing. Cognitive benefits include increased attention and improved ability to follow instructions.

Therapeutic riding also offers educational opportunities through learning new skills and horse-related language. At WETRA, riding instructors design each lesson to challenge, yet support success and sense of accomplishment. Regardless of degree of function, horses motivate each student to continually strive for improvements.